Survival Games

One of Minecraft’s most well-known game modes has come to MultiCube, recently adapted and improved by our Multicube development team. With a partner you must battle it out against 22 other tributes in this Hunger Games inspired game mode. You have to fight for 1 of 12 districts, using unique perks and classes to help you with your struggle. Search out equipment from chests and hunt the special care packages that drop around the map. However beware of the hostile world events… for not only players can kill you in these survival games.
100 Slots

Colony Wars

Minecraft Colony Wars is a revolutionary Mini-Game where teams battle it out to the end. Mine for Gold and build grand hermitages where you can equip magical weapons to help you win.When the game starts, all players are split into 4 teams. The players on the teams will then be sorted into different classes. When that is done, you and your team, will have to collect money. You collect money by chopping trees or mining gold.
800 Slots

The Syndicate Games

An ingenious new type of mini game, originally created by Syndicate and recently adapted and greatly improved by the Multicube development team, is now live on the network. Described simply as 'Quickfire Hungergames', Syndicate Games incorporates features from well know plugins like 'Survival Games' and allows 2 players to engage in a fierce, swift combat experience. Unlike other servers, this seamless adventure defies what was previously thought possible by Minecrafters and continues to inspire new types of player.
136 Slots

Zombie Escape

On the verge of extinction, Humans must go toe to toe in an effort to outrun their zombified race, in a challenge of speed and combat. The goal is clear, a nuclear missile capable of wiping the slate clean and ensuring the safety of the immunised population in the south. To reach this missile they must swiftly navigate a chosen landscape and pass several security doors in order to reach the nuke room. Only a few will survive, will you?
360 Slots

Gun Spleef

With hoe in hand, take to the arena and fight your foes in fierce armed combat. You must be alert as assailants aim to make you fall through the multiple levels of each map and into the lava, securing their victory. With full customisation you can earn upgrades for your gun and new perks to use along with them, including reload times, number of shots and much more!
360 Slots

Super Jump

Super Jump, an original idea brought to you by MultiCube. A points based system you can easily gauge your skill level, server wide or just amongst your friends. With a wide range of map to choose from you can not possibly get bored or be left without something new to do!
100 Slots

Snow Spleef

A game dedicated to the essential elements of Minecraft, digging holes! MultiCube hosts annual and monthly competitions, pitting players against each other in a heated battle for victory of the snow. With a varying array of skills in its player base, MultiCube has made the perfect new home for Snow Spleef and all of its keen players!
100 Slots

Inferno Rush

This original Multicube gamemode places you in an arena where you are at risk of succumbing to the fiery depths below. Before time runs out, you must reach the raised platforms around the arena to avoid falling into the dangerous inferno. But that’s not all; each round you have less time find the platforms, and a variety of upgrades spawn randomly around the map that can give you… or your opponents the upper hand.
100 Slots


In this original Multicube gamemode, you have to deal with a whole new threat. Blocks are raining down from the skies which seek to destroy you. You and your opponents have two ways of escaping this treacherous place: Reach the top of the arena or be the last man standing. Use power-ups that spawn around the arena to help with your struggle. But beware, more dangers present themselves as this game progresses.
100 Slots


Run. And do not stop. TNTRun has come to Multicube with a whole new look! You and your competitors must battle it out on an arena which collapses beneath your feet. The aim is simple – be the last man standing. Avoid falling through the layers of the arena, and use the disintegrating floor to drop your enemies.
100 Slots

Beacon Hunters

Beacon Hunters is a capture game where two teams battle. Capture the beacons and kill with your bow to help you win. The game goal is to capture three beacons, you capture them if you stand on them long enough so the bar is full. You will be split in two teams with different colors. Your weapon is an infinity bow to shoot your enemy. You win when you captured three beacons or if you captured the most beacons when the time is up. There is different power-ups such as invincibility.
100 Slots