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General Stats

Total Time Played21 days 1 hour 6 minutes 49 seconds
Time Spent on the Hub10 days 21 hours 56 minutes 39 seconds

Achievements (49)Show All

  • Appletiser
    Win a SyndicateGames match using an apple as your weapon.
  • Cow Suit [SoonTM]
    Wear A Full Set Of Leather Armour
  • Brave Challenger
    Challenge A Staff Member
  • Fitting In
    Accept More Than 20 Friend Requests
  • So Close... Yet So Far.
    Reach the Goal Within A Few Seconds Of Your Opponent.
  • Rocket Launcher III
    Gain 4500 Points
  • Carpenting
    Build your first Lumber Mill
  • Map Explorer
    Win on all maps at least once