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General Stats

Total Time Played18 days 12 hours 2 minutes 39 seconds
Time Spent on the Hub9 days 8 hours 40 minutes 22 seconds

Achievements (43)Show All

  • Carpenting
    Build your first Lumber Mill
  • Map Explorer
    Win on all maps at least once
  • Slayer I
    Gain 1500 Points
  • Pro Digger II
    Reach 2500 Points
  • Can't touch this!
    Finish a game of Tetronimo alive without being hit by a block once
  • Fresh oxygen
    Pass the pink wool for the first time
  • So close...
    Lose a game of Tetronimo by getting killed by the end-game lava flood
  • Rocket Launcher II
    Gain 2500 Points