1. All good things must come to an end - RIP MultiCube
    Note! Forums and Teamspeak will remain up for at least one month!
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General Stats

Total Time Played 13 hours 24 minutes 42 seconds
Time Spent on the Hub 11 hours 41 minutes 15 seconds

Achievements (33)Show All

  • Cloud Tower
    Get 9 other people to ride you at once
  • Score Win
    Win a Battle 5:0
  • Tactical Destruction
    Win a spleef match and destroy less than 64 blocks
  • #AchievementUnlocked
    Link your twitter account
  • Becoming a Pro
    Upgrade to MultiCube Pro
  • Classy
    Choose your class
  • Tree jumper
    Play as a flying archer for the first time
  • Carpenting
    Build your first Lumber Mill